Headed into the studio in September

Now that this Summer tour is nearly over, and the planning of the Fall tour is underway, I’ll be heading into an Upstate NY studio after Labor Day to commence recording my next album, a truly solo harp guitar record. I have been running my latest songs around the track (indeed, around the nation!) for a while now, and I’m ready to make the record for posterity. It’ll be done all “live on the floor” so to speak, no overdubs or anything. A record of a performance in a studio, like the good old days. Stay tuned…


Slowly getting used to this blog

Hello, the situation at the JoBop Records studio has blossomed wonderfully over the last few months. Installed a new (to us) console, laid in more room treatment, fixed some old mics and grabbed some more. But most of all, got the environmental bits down to where this is the greatest place on earth to be a writer and creator of new music without the usual hassles of the outside world creeping in! The sounds of work from the new location have been uniformly lauded by all who have participated or merely heard! Yay!
And, JoBop can now accept credit cards right on site for payment of any fees for services or any other of our fine, fine products!

Welcome to the new site

Hello, and welcome to my re-vamped website!

Here, I was thinking of posting news and ruminations on studio life at JoBop”s new location. Or record reviews, or music nerd-talk.

But, what occurred to me as being a better start to my “blog-style” page, would be answering some of the most common questions that I get while out on the road performing. Questions about the instruments that I play, songs that I write, etc.

Stay tuned for part one as soon as I get to it…